There’s a new video out from the UFC showing the evolution of Ronda Rousey – and it stars Rousey’s sister as 11-year-old Ronda.

The video starts with Ronda and her mom, a world champion judoka (judo competitor), passing a judo school and young Ronda being enraptured.

Image 097

We see a glimpse of Ronda being trained in Judo by her mother.

Image 098

The video even shows Rousey’s days as a teen when she would knock outĀ older boys to a fight to win money for Starbucks.

Image 099

And, of course, on to the all-world badass she is today.

Image 100

Highlighting what is being billed as the biggest female MMA fight in history, Rousey’s showdown with Holly Holm, the video’s tagline is:

“Every revolution starts with a fight”

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