Javelin NoVideo

American military weaponry is mind boggling in every way – conceptual, technological, and lay-down-a-world-of-hurt-ological.

When you combine that technology with slow motion camera’s and see how the machinery works, it’s even more impressive – so let’s get to it.

1 – “The Pig”. M60 Light Machine Gun.

2 – “The Gun”. A-10 Warthog firing it’s GAU-8 Avenger cannon at a tank.

3 – Hellfire missiles fired from a DAGR platform

4 – Tanks. Lots of tanks.

5 – Milkor M32A1 six shot- revolver style grenade launcher

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6 – Dillon M134 Minigun

7 – FGM-148 Javelin fire-and-forget anti-tank weapon

8 – BGM-71 TOW (“T”ube-launched, “O”ptically tracked, “W”ire-guided)

9 – Det Cord

10 – Tomahawk cruise missile

11 – “The Future”. United States Navy Electromagnetic Rail Gun.

12 – M4 carbine. The standard service weapon of the American military

13 – The WW2 legend. 1918 BAR A3, the original squad assault weapon.

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