If you’ve ever thought about getting an emergency shelter to protect you from storms, nuclear war, and those pesky zombies, but have always been turned off by the thought of hanging out in a dingy concrete bunker then worry no more. Atlas Survival Shelters has you covered.

The upstart company from California specializes in custom and high-end survival shelters that range from backyard storm shelters to massive colonies hidden in the woods or desert.

Just check out a few of their offerings in the following photos.

You start off by descending down through a small hole in the ground.



You first come into a decontamination/mud room before entering the main living area.


Then comes the main show. The living area. As you can see, this particular demo unit is outfitted with a leather sofa, decor, a dining booth, computer control station, and big screen TV.



The bathroom area features a functional toilet, shower, and washing machine. The water is stored in a standalone tank or a through a local well if your area supports it. It also has a state of the art water softener system: http://watersoftenerguide.com/fleck-5600sxt-review-best-water-softener-system. The power is provided by a generator which is housed in a separate part of the facility.


Next we get to the sleeping areas. This base unit includes 8 bunk beds which feature personal storage areas under the mattresses.


And of course, since the human race will need to be repopulated, we have the master bedroom complete with a queen size bed. There is also a second escape tunnel going off the master bedroom.


The company currently offers several plans for everyone from the small, prepared family, to entire communities.





If surviving the apocalypse in style is something you’re interested in, you better have your checkbook ready. Prices for the base model start at $49,000 + furnishings. Check out the below video for a quick tour.

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