If you haven’t already heard, today at one of their signature Cupertino events, Apple announced their new smart watch, which will complement their existing line of personal smart hardware.

However, perhaps the more interesting story is how Apple is locking down exclusive deals in other sectors.

Apple announced that they have partnered with HBO to bring their programming into people’s homes without a cable or satellite subscription for the first time ever. The service will be $14.99 and will be available exclusively though Apple TV for the time being.

Apple also announced that “ever major car brand” has committed to delivering Carplay support to new vehicles which will allow the media on your iPhone, iPod and iPad to be easily played in your car without third party hardware being needed.

As Apple is already one of the most successful companies in the world, these exclusive deals will only help to cement the Apple brand more firmly into the everyday lives of Americans.

Whether Apple will be able to continue their amazing quarterly profits is yet to be seen, but through exclusive partnerships it looks like they’re well on their way.

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