You’re sitting around, bored stiff, when your cat–for reasons you will never understand–bolts out the door and into traffic. It doesn’t end well–at least not for the cat. But it is the end of your boredom. And then it hits you, just as suddenly as the Buick that struck Mittens.

08012016 c 1

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Actually, this cat’s name was Orville. Still, that dead cat doesn’t have to go to waste! Why not turn it into a drone? It is every cat’s dream, really. And you don’t have to say goodbye to a beloved pet. Drones don’t stick half as bad as a litter-box. And, for those less skilled with the avionics of drones, cats always land on their feet.

08012016 c 5

I have to say that when I first heard about this, I thought it was a gag. Then I watched the cat fly. Not a gag. It flies. Someone had to work some taxidermy magic on mittens and then turn the cat into the air-frame of a quad-copter. If this is not your idea of fun with pets, I suggest stopping here and to browse these toys for your pets instead.

This is the work of Dutch artist Bart Jansen, while some mechanical wizardry courtesy of technical engineer Arjen Beltman. The cat was the first. If I’ve got my facts straight, the cat belonged to Jansen, and was hit by a car. The rest you can see flying around.

08012016 x1

I love the look on this beasts face. It is half astonished fear and half fear inducing mad-cat rage. I can only imagine what it would do to a bird.

When the pair first put together the cat, the reaction was about what you’d expect. A lot of shock, even more fascination. So They then built a rat.

08012016 c 4

The cute little rat wasn’t a real challenge, so they went big. Ostrich big. Again, flying is the greatest aspiration of the ostrich, so it seems appropriate.

08012016 c 2

Then there came a shark jet.

Once you’ve made cats and ostriches and sharks fly, you can safely say you’ve conquered the skies. So then what?

08012016 c 3

They’re working on a badger submarine. Here’s the raw material. Looks like a submarine to me.

08012016 c 6

As the video below will demonstrate, this is now a business. If you have a dead thing you want to fly, these two will help you out. And for those of you who are worried about where they’re procuring these critters, they’re (supposedly) all road-kill. I’m still trying to figure out the logistics behind the road-kill shark, but whatever.

What’s next for the pair? They’re working on a couple of concepts now. One is a cow-copter. The other they’re calling the man-copter. Any volunteers?

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