Apple, the tech behemoth–not the Gwyneth Paltrow progeny–has a habit of stirring up strong emotions. Why else would people wait in line for days on end just to buy a new smart phone without a headphone jack?

Well, this man in France wasn’t feeling the love. Or maybe he hadn’t heard about the missing headphone jack. Either way, he had a message he wanted to get across to Apple, so he went into the Apple Store and smashed everything phone he could see.


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Thankfully, someone had an iPhone and made use of its video recording feature. The result has left many wondering what exactly the man was hoping to accomplish by destroying the phones.

He took a metal ball and went to work. His demeanor was rather calm, considering what he’s doing. And his demolition continues unchecked for a surprising amount of time. Then, at last, security arrived.


Witnesses say the man was muttering in French while smashing the phones, and that he didn’t seem even remotely concerned when security came to stop him.

While some of the iPhone devotees were thrilled with the new update to the old classic–one that includes a new waterproof feature that has been universally welcomed–others Apple fans have threatened to boycott the company over the lack of a headphone jack.


Unfortunately for them, and worse for Samsung–who makes what many consider the only other alternative–the new Samsung phones have had battery issues. Those phones have been recalled after numerous catastrophic battery issues resulted in small explosions and fires.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment. Witnesses who stood by and watched the destruction say that the incident ended when the man simply walked away. That may be the hardest element of this whole episode to explain.


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