Tesla apparently isn’t just about fast, sexy, battery powered cars anymore. Arguably, some of the company’s most impressive technological leaps have been in the world of battery technology.

More and more people are hoping to utilize solar energy in their homes to either stop or lessen their dependence on power companies. However, storing the energy harvested on sunny days has always been the problem. Battery packs are expensive and hard to setup for your average user.

Tesla is looking to change that. With their new stand alone battery, the company hopes to make it much more feasible for consumers to have an alternate power source for their home.

Even if the new battery didn’t mean 100% independence from power companies, it could still be a huge asset during power outages and emergency situations. Generators are expensive and require constant fuel so a battery based solution would be much more attractive to many consumers.

“A lot of utilities are working in this space, and we’re talking to almost all of them,” said Tesla’s chief technical officer, JB Straubel. “It’s early stage stuff and a lot of these projects are very far out since the procurement cycle for utilities is so long. But this is a business that certainly is gaining an increasing amount of our attention.”

Production on the batteries and a charging system may be able to start during this calendar year.

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