So, as I’m sure you guys are aware, the European Space Agency landed a small space probe a comet hurdling through space a tens of thousands of miles per hour.

What you might not have heard (literally) is that we got back a sound recording from the probe and the results are, well, eerie.

“This is exciting because it is completely new to us. We did not expect this and we are still working to understand the physics of what is happening,” RPC principal investigator Karl-Heinz Glaßmeier said in a press release.

Have a listen for yourself:

I’m not saying, but I’m just sayin – that comet might be full of predators.

Of course since there is no air in space, sound can’t travel in space. The recording had to be modified to be audible to humans. According to

Of course, sound waves can’t travel through space, so it isn’t a direct audio recording. Instead, Rosetta’s Plasma Consortium (RPC) picked up variations in the magnetic field around the comet, due to interactions between 67P/C-G’s coma and the plasma from the Sun, better known as solar wind. These variations resulted in frequencies between 40 to 50 millihertz, about 10,000 times lower than can be detected by humans.

ESA scientists altered the frequency of the comet’s song into human hearing range, and discovered it was a series of clicks that are very reminiscent of Predator’s growl.

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