There’s a reason the 5th generation Chinese fighter plan looks so much like the American F-35 Joint Strike Fighter – hackers.

Documents released by whistleblower Eric Snowden reveal the scope of the Chinese hack to include more than 50 terabytes (50,000 GB or the equivalent of 5 Libraries of Congress for those keeping track at home) of actual blueprints on America’s most advanced paperweight, I mean, strike plane.


While the F-35 has been plagued by problems, and won’t even be able to fire it’s main cannon until at least 2019, the Chinese are moving forward with their project by leaps and bounds – thanks to an extensive head start on R&D compliments of Uncle Sam’s lax cyber security.



According to RT.com,

F-35 blueprints are just a fraction of what Chinese hackers have allegedly stolen from the Pentagon’s data vaults over the years. The reported haul includes some two dozen advanced weapon systems, including the AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense System, Littoral Combat Ship designs and emerging railgun technology, a classified report revealed in 2013.

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