So let’s say you’re casting a line at the beach, but the fish just aren’t biting. How do you satisfy that hankering for sushi if you can’t find the fish? Bring in the drone.

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With the camera rolling, the fish in these crystal blue waters were easy to spot. Why not do a fly-by, and see if you can’t spot the fish? That’s the idea behind this method used by Sea Ulcer Aerial Media. It is like a fish finder, only live streaming remote images directly to the drone pilot on the beach below.


Now this would be enough for most tech-savvy rednecks. But this pair has taken it to the next level. They could simply use the drone to find the fish, but these dudes are using the drone to find the fish and deliver the bait.

And why not? Casting is a pain in the ass, and it can actually be rather difficult to get your line out far enough into the surf before gravity takes over and sinks your lure.


This way, the line is placed right on target, and when a tuna strikes, it pops the line free from the drone, which is then free to film the rest of the fight.

Imagine all of the innovative ways this technology can revolutionize redneck outdoor sports. With a bit of ingenuity, drones with both cameras and shotguns could carry hunters into epic dogfights with mergansers. Drones with heat-sensing cameras could highlight all of the does and the bucks, well before the southern sun breaks through the trees.

No more running dogs through the woods–now drones could be mounted with loudspeakers that blared Wagner as they dive from the sky on the unsuspecting whitetail, unleashing clouds of buckshot.

Or maybe that’s a bit ambitious. And dangerous. Fishing is much safer, even if this new method does take out some of the sport.


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