Who needs the Kardashians for drama when it’s clear the real drama is in wildlife. A video was posted on National Geographic for its Animal Fight Night Series and it has gone viral with over 100,000 views.

The video depicts what happens when a penguin comes home to  find his “wife” with another penguin. As expected, all hell broke loose which results in a bloody fight between the two male penguins.


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Mrs. Penguin was clearly messing around on her mate when he was out. It was only a matter of time until it blew up in her face. Mr. Penguin reacted as expected with aggression; he fought the homewrecker. But can you blame Mr. Penguin?

In case you were unaware, penguins can be quite vicious and violent if pushed to the edge – as Mr. Penguin was. The narrator explains how penguins can throw about eight smacks a second, which set the tempo for how the fight was going to proceed.


The first round was a draw and spectators may have started to grow bored with the lackluster brawl, so Mr. Penguin knew he had to settle the score. Before round two started, both penguins initiate mating calls for Mrs. Penguin to decide who she wants to be with. To the surprise of Mr. Penguin and spectators alike, she chose the homewrecker. Scumbag.


Mr. Penguin doesn’t give up easily, though. The persistent penguin followed the homewrecker back to what was his home and started the second and final round. The penguins practically fight to the death resulting in blood-soaked penguins.


Even after the bloody battle took place, Mrs. Penguin looked into the eyes of her previous mate and still said, “Nah.”

Once the video was released, thousands took to Twitter to console the battered penguin.

At the end of the day, however, despite his sad plea for his wife to return to him, the original male penguin is left alone and without a home. “She’s got no time for losers,” the narrator intones as the defeated penguin waddles away.

Below is the viral video of the penguin love triangle.


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