One thing about a GoPro mounted right to your helmet–it will show you exactly what you’re looking at. Or what you’re not looking at, as the case may be. Or, in this case, what you are about to see–up close. Fast. Face-first.

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I’ve watched the video several times now, and I can’t decide if Scooter Man’s tragic tale is one big teachable moment, or if it isn’t simply hilarious. Not for him of course. But it is fun to watch. Over and over again.

So how many other great one-liner titles can you come up with for this one? My favorite from the initial list of comments was Punch Buggy White. That pretty much says it all.

Let’s break it down. Seriously. If you have already, watch the video. Then come back.

scooterman 1

Scooter Man’s day begins typically. Just an everyday adrenaline rush busting through traffic on his scooter.

And he’s recording it, because–you know–we all like to see what we look like riding scooters.

scooterman 4

He even takes some time to admire that killer profile. This is straight out of Easy Rider.

But then, two dudes on a real motorcycle buzz past him, dangerously close, and I think it shakes Scooter Man’s sensibilities a bit.

scooterman 5

You can see him flinch when the real motor cycle busts by, and it makes him scared enough to check behind him.

In fact, he takes a good long look over this shoulder, while his hand is still wrapped around the throttle.

scooterman 2

I can hear the wheels turning in his head. “Oh, look! A white truck like van type thing. What is that, anyhow?”

Spoiler alert–if you don’t want to know how this video ends until you watch it, don’t glance down at the cover image on the video below. And stop reading this now. Just squint a bit and hit play and let the video do its thing. The video will end, I promise, like a well-told joke.

The one I really feel sorry for isn’t the dude on the scooter. Let’s be honest about this; he’s riding a scooter. He’s either very confident in his masculinity, or he is too cool to care. Maybe both. But the old Volkswagen! You can pick up a new scooter anywhere. A classic Bug is getting much harder to come by.

And speaking of harder–Scooter Man plows straight into the rear end of the Bug. That’s the hardest part on a Beetle, as that’s where the engine sits. It isn’t a very big engine, that’s one thing in Scooter Man’s favor, but it he does crash into the Bug at a pretty good clip.

But nice to see a Bug come out on top in a wreck! Not that won’t need a little body work. But Scooter Man is going to need his share of body work, too, I think.

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